The idea of Vejuice was born in a Brooklyn apartment.  


Vanessa, the American founder moved from NYC to Düsseldorf  to be with her love and wanted to bring her passion for health and fitness to her new city.  Inspired by the success and popularity of juice shops she frequented in New York,  she wanted to create that same experience for Düsseldorf and Germany.

At Vejuice, we know that you care not just about taste and quality but about living a healthier, longer and richer life. Our goal is to get the most out of life and help you to get the most out of yours by offering the best services and products.  All of our juices are made fresh daily with the highest quality ingredients.  We do not add sugar, preservatives, chemicals or any extra additives or enhancers to our juices.  

So whether you're interested in trying one of our signature 1 or 3 day juice cleanses and juices or looking to provide healthy food options in your workplace, marketing events or private parties, we can cater our expertise to fit your needs.