We drink the most out of life.


The idea of Vējuice was born in a Brooklyn apartment.  

The American founder moved from NYC to Düsseldorf for love and wanted to bring her passion for health and fitness to her new city.

Inspired by the success and popularity of juice shops she frequented in New York,  she wanted to create that same experience for Düsseldorf and Germany.

At Vējuice, we know that you care not just about taste and quality but about living a healthier, longer and richer life and we want to help you with fulfilling your needs.

Vejuice is for anyone who isn’t afraid to try new things and break from the norms.

We’d love for you to be apart of what we believe in.


Open Positions

Juice Cadet

Hi there - we are searching for a part-time Juice Cadet to help us with brand awareness, day-to-day juicing tasks and start-up odds and ends


  • University Student interested in working part-time with a set schedule
  • Must have interest in working for a start-up 
  • Responsible, Motivated, Lover of Life

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